Welcome to Women in Insurance Live 2020 - Event postponed

About the event:

Following the great success of the Women in Insurance Awards, Incisive Media is proud to launch Women in Insurance Live , a new conference encouraging greater diversity and championing women in the insurance space which will see over 300 industry professionals gather together for this one-day event.

Whilst there is gender balance across the insurance industry, only 37% of women work in senior management, and only 21% are found at executive and board level (ABI). The gender pay gap, inflexible working hours and a tarnished reputation for industry culture marks the insurance industry as in need of change. Diversity is where the future lies, and insurance is behind the curve.

This two-streamed event, will offer practical advice on how to tackle and take responsibility for improving diversity in your organisation. This is an event for men and women at all stages of their careers, tackling middle management, returning to work after a break or achieving their personal targets. You will hear innovative case studies, learn from industry leaders, and have the opportunity to participate in workshops and mentoring.

We invite insurance professionals of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and backgrounds to help shape the more diverse and flexible insurance industry of the future. This requires the cooperation of all to embrace change and difference, face the hard facts and take definitive and decisive action.

This event is working towards the International Standard ISO 20121 and follows guidance set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA)

Women in Insurance Live 2020 Line-up

Registration & Breakfast
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote: The Opportunity of Disruption

2020 marks the start of a decade predicted to bring change and disruption to the world and to the insurance industry. Climate change, population growth and advances in technology are a few of the challenges faced now and in years to come, and insurance needs to adapt in order to progress. Vicky Carter, Chairman of Global Capital Solutions, International for Guy Carpenter & Company Ltd and winner of ‘Insurance Woman of the Year (large firms)’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement’ at Women in Insurance Live 2019, will share her thoughts on how disruption presents a great opportunity for the insurance industry to move into the future.

Vicky Carter, Chairman of Global Capital Solutions, International, Guy Carpenter & Company

Panel: Diversity & Inclusion as a Selling Point

The insurance industry’s future lies in greater diversity. Not only is diversity attractive to new employees and clients, it has also been proven to boost business - companies performing 4 times worse on gender and ethnic diversity are 29% more likely to underperform on profitability, whereas companies with more ethnically diverse teams are 33% more likely to outperform peers on profitability. This panel will discuss where the industry currently stands and how you can use diversity to get ahead.

Morning Networking Break & Fringe Events
Data & Diversity

Diversity data can be evidence of the need to improve diversity efforts and can help drive momentum and encourage accountability. How can we use diversity information to tackle underrepresentation in the insurance industry? This session will also discuss the challenges of using and collecting diversity data. Why do people feel uncomfortable divulging diversity information, and how else can we measure diversity?

Panel: Call it out, Call it in

A Bloomberg article published last year shed light on an unpleasant culture of sexual harassment and bullying in the London market, triggering debates and progress in the D&I space. A panel of senior men and women will discuss the importance of calling out misbehaviour and harassment, and the responsibility that should be taken for this at all levels of business. Delegates will be given a chance to anonymously submit their queries and experiences to seek advice from our panellists.

Networking Lunch, Fringe Events & Mentoring
The Chain Reaction

This session will cover how you can make an impact on diversity across the industry by putting pressure on your supply chain by encouraging accountability. How do we create policies that encourage better practice and will drive momentum?

Tech it up

Female tech talent in the insurance industry represents a cross-section of two industries lacking diversity at a senior level. A government study recently showed that reducing gender gaps in labour market participation, STEM qualifications and wages, could increase the size of the UK economy by around 2% or £55 billion by 2030. This session will explore how we can improve diversity representation in the industry, and how tech can be utilised to enable diversity.

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring switches the role of the mentor with that of the mentee, creating a different dynamic and allowing for more junior employees to share their perspectives and guidance with those in more senior positions. It is proven to help retention rates and has been seen to encourage inclusivity and innovation within organisations. This session presents the opportunity for you to create reverse mentoring relationships and learn from new contacts.

Behind the Mask

We are all familiar with having to put a brave face on or donning our ‘armour’ for work but what if you were part of a workplace culture where you didn’t have to do that? This session focuses on what it takes to create a healthy culture for all, and what you can do today to take positive steps towards good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The case for flexible working for all

Flexible working is beneficial to employees at all stages of their careers, whether they are returning from a career break, working part-time or prefer a better work-life balance. According to a survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management, the UK management body, 82% of managers think that flexible working is beneficial to their businesses. This session will discuss how you can negotiate flexible working policies in your organisation, and the proven benefits to productivity and diversity.

Workshop: Active Bystander Training

It can take a lot of courage to intervene in a difficult situation, but it is essential to ensure that unpleasant behaviour is not condoned and does not go unchecked. This interactive session will cover the importance of being an active bystander and how you can become one.

Afternoon Networking Break & Fringe events
Keynote: What the insurance profession can do to attract and retain more women

More details to follow...

Sian Fisher, CEO, Chartered Insurance Institute

Panel: Thoughts from the Top

A recent “Dear CEO” letter was published by the FCA with regards to non-financial misconduct, placing fresh pressure on CEOs of general insurance firms to take action. This C-suite panel will reflect on the day and discuss future steps - what can insurance do in 2020 and beyond to track diversity goals, and improve the industry for all?

Chair's closing remarks
Conference close & drinks reception

Event Countdown


Women in Insurance Live is a conference welcoming all Insurance professionals including those working within Insurers, MGA’s, Brokers, Loss Adjusters, TPA’s and Insurtechs:

  • Assistant Underwriter
  • Associate, International Regulatory Affairs
  • Business Development Manager
  • CEO/Managing Director/Chairman
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Underwriting Officer
  • CIO
  • Claim Operations Professional
  • Head of Claims/Claims Manager/Team Leader
  • Client Director/Manager
  • Complex Claims Adjuster
  • Director/Partner
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Risk Manager
  • Vice President, Claims
Delegate Regstration

Standard Delegate Fee: £495+VAT

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